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Finished projects

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Finished projects

Largest projects completed recently:


  • Extension of the production and warehouse building of Oriflame in Warsaw at Bohaterów Warszawy 2 street
  • Studios Saint Denis Europeir in Paris


  • Sky Tower, B2 building
  • Projet D’IMMEUBLE DE BUREAUX OVALIE ZAC VICTOR – ILOTJ 83, rue Arago 93400 St Oven Groupe Scolaire Edourad Vaillant,
    ville de Fontencay Sous Bois, 2 rue Edouard Vaillant 94120 Fontenay Sous Bois, France
  • Conversion of part of the rooms in production building and office and employee building of 3M-OHES


  • Comprehensive turnkey project in design-build system: Renovation and production facilities on the plot of lands 8/44 Trzciniec area and 829/7, 1100/6 Zatonie area, ELTUR – SERWIS Bogatynia
  • OHES: whirling arm and PVC injection mould
  • Sky Tower, B1 building


  • 3M Starflower
  • Department of Foot-and-Mouth Disease of the State Veterinary Institute in Zduńska Wola
  • 3M EPCM OHES Extension – ventilation system 019
  • 3M PSD Silicone Moulding
  • Painting shop hall, paint warehouse, office and employee building in Janów Lubelski
  • Finished products storage hall in Byków
  • 3M PSD PH6 Hook-up
  • 3M IATD – CWUR
  • 3M EPCM OHES Extension (OH&ES at • 3M PHASE 6)
  • 3M Impregnation


  • 42-46 Rue des Haies, Paris, France
  • Centre Commerciale – Parly 2, Le Chesnay, France
  • Conversion of PO43 room in IATD2 and AAMD building of 3M factory in Wrocław
  • 3M PSD – injection molding machine 720H-PSD
  • Imka production and storage hall in Lubań
  • Colfarm Pharmaceutical Company in Mielec
  • 3M injection molding machine


  • Bayer AG WERK WUPPERTAL DEUTSCHLAND – execution of a partial assembly of the ventilation / air conditioning system on
    one of the pavilions
  • partial execution of the central heating installation on the housing estate at Freischuetzstrasse in Munchen
  • RABEN Logistical Center in Legnica/Gniewomierz
  • 3M PSD Ph6a building in Wrocław


  • Nutricia in Opole
  • Bus Station in Białystok
  • 3M3B building in Wrocław
  • 3M ITAC building in Wrocław


  • Green 2Day in Wrocław
  • Nobilis Business House in Wrocław
  • Sagittarius Business House


  • LG Dryroom 501
  • LG Chem3 501 i 701
  • Collins Aerospace ul. Bierutowska 65-67 Wrocław


  • Construction of an Industrial Plant with Associated Infrastructure WP4 Cortona for Umicore Poland Sp. z o.o.
  • LGCWA P4 Formation
  • INPLAG Walbrzych
  • WAGO Elwag Sp. z o.o.